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Elita one mature fanfiction

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"loved the movie but the cash shot was pretty feeble."

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Elita one mature fanfiction

Lunar, also known as Commander SilverStorm, was second in command for the Autobot femmes. After Elita-1 was offlined, she took her place proudly and confidently. She led the Autobot femmes into victory until one of her comrades betrayed her. Most of them were captured by the Decepticons and killed. I'mma try to do a 2-in-1 cuz user suggested to do two of his/ her oc's with Arcee and Elita one. This is my first ever 2-in-1 guys so don't blame me if it sucks, I'm trying guys. Other than that i hope you enjoy! Snapfire X Arcee Snapfire's povReviews: Elita One/Optimus Prime; Soundwave (Transformers)/Original Female Character Elita One and June Darby switch bodies after Elita has had an encounter with Shockwave during a battle, toying with mind control equipment! Mature (55) Explicit (47) Not Rated (13) .

Do You Still Love Me? Causeway was going elita one mature fanfiction some old photos on her mature downblouse photos pad, Photos of her and Orion long ago on Cybertron. Causeway wondered if Optimus still loved her just as much as he did back then. That is when Causeway decided to have a talk with Optimus. Getting up from where she was sitting in her home office, Causeway headed to find Optimus knowing he was somewhere around their living quarters for it was not his turn to work over at the Headquarters, so Causeway headed to his office after she walked out of the storage room. Elita one mature fanfiction smiled knowing he was on the top level of their living quarters, she also wondered if he could be in their jacuzzi knowing he liked to relax at times too. Knowing this Causeway headed to the upper level.

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